Happy New Year; What story will you choose?

HNY what story will you choose.png

I love this time of year...there is always a clean slate feeling--as if anything is possible. So many BIG goals, BIG hopes, and BIG ideals rolling around in everyones head. It's soooo inspiring! 

As we're all pondering what we want for the year to come, I wanted to chime in with a little nugget about the stories we tell. Whether you realize it our not, you have a story going on inside of you (sometimes it's in your head and sometimes it's in your heart)…it's the running chatter about what you think and how you feel about the things you are experiencing or have experienced in the past.

AND the really empowering thing is that YOU get to choose the story you tell about each and every moment of every day of this year. No matter what is happening…no matter what story other people are telling...ONLY YOU get to choose your story.

The story you choose impacts how you show up in the world...So choose your story wisely  

Wishing you and yours a magical 2017. 

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