It's the same story every day...You go through the motionson autopilotwith a list of things to do for other people, and you often feel like you should be doing more. But you’re drained… You’re not as effective as you know you could be, not making connections with your people, not as fulfilled as you once were (or maybe you’ve never even been fulfilled), and your list of shoulds just keeps growing. The shoulds are holding you back from showing up fully as the real you…with all of the amazingly beautiful, messy, and surprising gifts that make you YOU.


The good news is that you can disable the auto pilot and courageously take ownership of your story.


Courageous Feats uses your story as the vehicle to transform your daily work and life. It's a safe, non-judgmental space for you to reflect on and honor your stories so that you can stop shoulding on yourself and show up as the person you really want to be.

Owning your story is the vehicle for getting out of your own way.

"Liz combines powerful questioning, active listening, and vulnerability to create transformative learning experiences for the people she coaches and workshop participants. Her "Yay, mistakes!" mantra is a sticky reminder that taking risks can help us be our best selves. She is one of our most sought after coaches and session facilitators! Everyone that Liz has worked with has witnessed her impeccable work ethic, deep planning and reflection, continuous development of her craft, and attention to the personal needs of the client. On top of all of that, she is super fun to work with! She literally changes the atmosphere when she enters A room!

I've had the pleasure to be coached by Liz myself a few times and have witnessed her work with dozens of others. It's quite the mind shifting experience, you leave feeling like you can conquer your next mountain all the while excited for your next connection point with Liz."

Simone Senior, Managing Director of Program Delivery—Leading Educators


I work with leaders (that’s you) who feel stuck in the shoulds to own their stories, celebrate the lessons learned from mistakes, and evolve into the person they want to be.


I know from experience that being out of touch with what makes you you puts you in a dangerous place of not being wholeheartedly yourself nor completely capable of showing up for others. Because I've been there—and found my way out, I've dedicated my life to helping others do the same so that we can be who we're meant to be.


We all have a storyowning it gives you permission to be who you want to be instead of who others believe you should be. Owning your story helps you to make decisions and create boundaries that are aligned to your values. Sharing your story creates a more human connection with others.  

My Mission

I know how vulnerable it is to own your story. But I also know that it’s the most excited—frickin’ terrified—and alive I’ve ever felt. My mission is to help you own your story, so that you can feel the freedom of being wholeheartedly YOU, so you’re free to pursue what you want—in the way that you want—and compassionately connect with those around you.

Random but somewhat important stuff to know about me…

  • I lost my mom to suicide when I was 10. I spent most of my life hiding this part of my story because I didn’t want people to judge her or feel sorry for me. I don’t know how she fit all of life lessons into a short 10 years, but she did. My mom was amazing and she is a large reason behind Courageous Feats. I soooooo wish there would have been someone to help her process and own her story. This work is the gift that I want to give in her honor. If you or someone you know has been affected by suicide in some way, part of the healing comes when you reach out and share your story. There is a large community to support you…including me. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a great resource. The National Suicide Prevention number is 1-800-273-8255.

  • It took me FOREVER to finish my doctorate degree because I wanted to study EVERYTHING. That all changed when my dissertation chair said, “Maybe you need to study yourself?” My dissertation ended up being the place where I began to explore my story…it changed my life. Fast forward and here I am, giving that gift back to you.

  • My professional career began in an elementary school; I taught 2nd & 3rd grades and was an instructional coach for a K-4 campus (I even taught P.E. for a year at a charter school while I was in undergrad). I still keep up with a lot of my kiddos…they’re all grown and have kids of their own, but they’ll always be my kids. Education will forever have a piece of my heart. I will always have a thread of my work there, whether it's with developing educational leaders or working with kids.

  • I love fart jokes! ...I do. I don't know if it's because I spent so much time with 3rd graders... or because I spent half of my childhood living with my dad...or if I just love fart jokes. If you giggle at farts, then you and I are going to get along just fine. (I even have a fart sound app on my phone...cracks me up every time!)

  • I did my coach training through the Coaching and Leadership Development Center; a program that I ended up leading for over 5 years. I was also the national director of coaching for a non-profit. I looooove coaching and training leadership coaches. If you’re looking for some development in coaching, check out my workshop page or send me a message.

  • Adult learning is my jam! I’ve been doing personal and professional development for over a decade and I love working with both one-on-one clients and groups. We all have a variety of experiences and I know how important it is to create a space that honors that expertise.

  • Dr. Brené Brown is one of my heroes. I love her work so much that I got certified in her curriculum, The Daring Way™. If you're interested in group workshops on her curriculum, check out my workshop page or send me a message.

  • I have two rescue dogs that are my furrbabies. Ferris’s mom was being fostered when he was born, so I adopted him when he was only 6 weeks old. Hannah Blue was rescued from a shelter the day before she was scheduled to be euthanized, and she was pregnant. I can’t thank Blue Dog Rescue enough for giving me these two love bugs.

Work with me

If you're drowning in a sea of shoulds, struggling to be what everyone else wants you to be, then it's time for a change. You deserve to be excited about your life and work. My guess is that you want to be comfortable as yourself, empowered to go after what you desire, and feel a real connection with those in your life and work.

Together, we will work to uncover the power of your story. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of your authentic self—at peace—and empowered to go after what you truly want—to embark on courageous feats!


"Liz Garcia's genuine spirit makes any presentation come to life! Her ability to engage and connect with her audience in such an authentic way makes for a truly personal experience. It was such a blessing to continue my professional learning with her in a different capacity as my personal coach. Through coaching she helped me realize the importance of balancing work, family and my own personal needs. She listened with intent during every session we had and continued to stretch my thinking to reach my full potential. My work with Liz has been such a crucial piece to the success I am experiencing today as I transition into a new leadership role. Thank you Liz!"

Amanda Molina, Round Rock, TX