1/5/19 VIRTUAL SPARK: Purpose & Clarity- Setting Intentions Workshop

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1/5/19 VIRTUAL SPARK: Purpose & Clarity- Setting Intentions Workshop


January 5, 2019



Getting clear on my intentions for the year has changed the game for me…NO—actually, getting clear on my values has changed the game for me; everything else flows from there (We will definitely hone in on values here!). Setting intentions is a process that has evolved for me and I’ve found it to have most impact under two conditions: consistent check-ins and trusted accountability partners. This workshop will ignite the spark for your intentions work this year, but you’ll need to put in your own work to keep the fire going. You can seek out partners on your own to help you or join our group in the Kindling or Fire offerings below for support all year long.

Location details will be emailed 48 hours in advance.

Details for logging into the webinar will be emailed 48 hours in advance.

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This workshop will help you with…

  • Mindfulness: Learn the benefits of mindfulness and breathing

  • Research: Understand common obstacles and keys to successfully getting what you want

  • Values & Desires: Identify what matters most to you

  • Focus: Prioritize the life/work areas you want to focus on for 2019 and begin to think about what that could look like over the course of the year

What to bring:

  • A journal (or plain paper to write your reflections) and your favorite pen

  • An open-mind

  • For Virtual Workshops: You'll need access to the internet, a computer with a working video camera and microphone, and small strips of paper or sticky-notes

  • For Live Workshops: I will provide light snacks, drinks, and materials for a fire ceremony. Note that we will spend a small portion of our time outside so bring a jacket if it's cold outside.

Refund/ticket transfer policy:

If for some reason you aren't able to make it to the event, tickets can be transferred to another participant up to the day before the event (1/4) at 5pmCST. If you need to transfer your ticket, please email liz@courageousfeats.com with the email and phone number for the person taking your spot. 

For any other questions, contact Dr. Liz Garcia at liz@courageousfeats.com.