Do you struggle with keeping your New Year's resolutions?

Have you ever created a vision board at the beginning of the year, only to have it sit in the corner—collecting dust—and nothing changes?

Regardless of how your year went, it's important for us to reflect on this past year--the good, the bad, the ugly--so that we can harvest the lessons we want to take into the next year and leave what no longer serves us behind.

I've been coaching people to get clear on what they want and to accomplish their goals since 2007, so I've learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn't. In 2010, I stopped doing New Year’s Resolutions because it wasn't working for me. I needed something different and I found that I wasn't the only one who needed to shake things up from the typical ways we start a new year. For the last 3 years, I've been sharing what I've learned with a group of women who've thrived alongside each other as we reflected and released the old year; named our values, desires, and intentions for the year; outlined what we want our year to look like; and spent time with each other every month to celebrate and tweak as we grew.

Every year, this work has grown, so rather than try to fit everything into one event, I've divided it into chunks. Reflect & Release is intended to close out the current year and is a stand-alone workshop. Spark is also a stand-alone workshop which will give you clarity on what you want in 2019. You can hold yourself accountable throughout the year or join us for some collaborative accountability in Kindling or dive in deeper with one-on-one coaching in Fire!

  • Reflect & Release: Letting Go

  • SPARK—Purpose & Clarity: Setting Intentions

  • KINDLING—Group Accountability Cohort (Setting Intentions is a prerequisite for Group Accountability and is included in the cost.)

  • FIRE—2019 Intentions Support Package:

    • Reflect & Release (Bonus if purchased before 12/29)

    • Purpose & Clarity

    • Group Accountability Cohort (1st Sunday of every month)

    • Coaching (1 session per month)

These opportunities only come around once a year and limited spots are available

You can read more about each workshop below or purchase now if you already know you want in.

2018 Courageous Feats Letting Go

Reflect & Release

Letting Go Workshop

For nearly a decade, I’ve taken time to close out the year by reflecting on what has and has not served me. This process has given me the space to let go of what doesn’t serve me and to carry forward the lessons learned so that I can have a clean slate when I’m setting my intentions for the new year. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a one and done kind of thing…letting go and setting intentions is a cyclical process I try to practice all year long, but the transition between each year is a special time.
The Reflect & Release workshop will help you with…

  • Mindfulness: Learn the benefits of mindfulness and breathing

  • Reflection: Take stock of this past year to harvest the wisdom you’ve gained (so you can take that into the new year) as well as identify what is no longer serving you (so you can leave that behind)

  • Releasing: Conduct a ceremony for letting go of what no longer serves you

Courageous Feats SPARK: Purpose & Clarity

SPARK: Purpose & Clarity

Setting Intentions Workshop


Getting clear on my intentions for the year has changed the game for me…NO—actually, getting clear on my values has changed the game for me; everything else flows from there (We will definitely hone in on values here!). Setting intentions is a process that has evolved for me and I’ve found it to have most impact under two conditions: consistent check-ins and trusted accountability partners. This workshop will ignite the spark for your intentions work this year, but you’ll need to put in your own work to keep the fire going. You can seek out partners on your own to help you or join our group in the Kindling or Fire offerings below for support all year long.

This workshop will help you with…

  • Mindfulness: Learn the benefits of mindfulness and breathing

  • Research: Understand common obstacles and keys to successfully getting what you want

  • Values & Desires: Identify what matters most to you

  • Focus: Prioritize the life/work areas you want to focus on for 2019 and begin to think about what that could look like over the course of the year

Courageous Feats KINDLING: Group Accountability

KINDLING: women’s AccountabilitY group

Virtual Monthly Meetings

Intentions are not a one and done thing…in order to live out our intentions, we need to revisit them often and it helps to have people to help hold us accountable.

For the past few years, I’ve facilitated monthly meetings with a group of women to share our intentions for the year and, even more specifically, for each quarter and month of the year. We create a safe space for each of us to share celebrations and lessons learned, participate in group coaching, and name what we want to focus on for the coming month so that we can hold each other accountable at our next check in.

Our Group Accountability Cohort begins with the Purpose & Clarity Workshops (included in the cost).

Our monthly meetings will take place on the first Sunday of every month from 2-4pmCST. We will cycle through the following each quarter:

  • Month 1: Workshop (i.e. January: Purpose & Clarity)

  • Month 2: Group Coaching

  • Month 3: Quarter Reflections & Upcoming Quarter Intentions


**If you sign up for Kindling before 12/29, you’ll receive the Reflect & Release workshop as a bonus.

Courageous Feats FIRE: Intentions Support Package

FIRE: Intentions SUPPORT Package

All of the above + one-on-one Coaching

If you want individualized coaching support for living your intentions in 2019, the Fire package is for you!

The Fire Intentions Support Package includes:

  • BONUS: Reflect & Release—Letting Go Workshop (if purchased before 12/29/18)

  • SPARK: Purpose & Clarity—Setting Intentions Workshop

  • KINDLING: Group Accountability Cohort (1st Sunday of every month)

  • Individual Coaching with Dr. Liz Garcia (1 session per month)

**I only offer a few of these packages so act fast if you want to claim one.